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A global HR tech company enabled with Kubernetes

About Customer

An end-to-end, AI-powered hiring and proctoring solution that streamlines how businesses search, interview, and evaluate top talent from the crowd.the platform is trusted by over 91,000 Global Recruiters & Certification Providers.Their assessment platform is designed for speed, and it offers formats including multiple choice, essay, typing, aptitude, and complicated STEM exams that function across devices and are secure.

Problem Statement
  • Opstree

    Creating a reliable application for performing uninterrupted business use cases was becoming a huge challenge

  • As the number of users were increasing at a rapid rate, the need for a robust platform and scaling with performance became extremely critical.

  • A huge number of unused resources were incurring cost and needed better manageability.

  • Opstree

    Heavy Infrastructure resources were used during proctoring, and managing user experience, platform availability and cost all at same time.

  • Opstree

    Due to huge traffic, data management of the candidate in the real time was becoming a challenge.

Solution Offered!
  • Implemented Azure Kubernetes Service for ensuring scalability
  • Created Azure environments for migration of Azure VM from 128 cores to 68 cores
  • Implemented Data Security and Privacy by adopting to Azure PostgreSQL Flexible Database
  • Implemented Azure functions instead of a complete Microservice solution for the cost reduction
  • Used Prometheus and Grafana, loki for the Application Monitoring and Observability

Final Outcomes
  • Opstree

    Seamless management of Azure Kubernetes Service

  • Opstree

    Achieved the ability to quickly deploy microservices across various environments

  • Opstree

    Real-time cost and performance transparency has been achieved with respect to the observability across the user experience, application and the underlying platform.

  • Opstree

    Managing Incidents became easier with well defined services in the infrastructure and 24*7 monitoring with OpsTree NOC

  • Opstree

    Cost optimisation with automated and governance oriented Infrastructure provisioning, scaling and descaling

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