Case Study

Few intriguing success stories from some great brands.

A new age Fintech Platform enabled with a $10k Savings on Tech

About Customer

A digital banking platform with a simple aim – to deliver a banking experience that keeps pace with the new age world.

Challenges/ Their Expectations
  • Opstree

    End-to-end view of traffic flow and service performance

  • Opstree

    Accurate real-time responses to transactional events

  • Opstree

    End-to-end encryption of personal data

  • Opstree

    Limited Observability / Constant Monitoring of Operational Data

  • Opstree

    Automated scaling of services and overall cost optimization

Solution Offered!
  • AWS ASG Lifecycle hooks for customized event-driven actions
  • Upgraded security model with IAM policy management and set up SIEM using Coralogix and Wazuh
  • Istio and Cert-manager for securing the virtual environment
  • DynamoDB for encryption of data and delivering seamless retail experiences
  • Migration of database to AWS Secret manager

Final Outcomes
  • Opstree

    Process management

  • Opstree

    Approximately saving $10K per month with the implementation of Saving Plans

  • Opstree

    Platform automation using Bash/Python/Terraform

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