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Seamless migration of microservices to a Bare Metal Kubernetes environment for a major Indian bank

About Customer

A major Indian bank aiming to expand its presence and offer financial services to untapped markets. It’s focused on empowering individuals and businesses to reach their full potential with tailored financial solutions.

Problem Statement
  • bare metal kubernetes

    Migrating over 150+ microservices along with their dependencies to a Bare metal Kubernetes environment. Without the use of the internet due to compliance regulations.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Setting up a Disaster Recovery Platform.

  • consistency

    Maintaining consistency of components across both the production environment and disaster recovery environment.

  • Automated

    To have an automated pipeline setup for the migration.

  • critical data

    Storing, managing, and processing large amounts of critical data was challenging.

Solution Offered!
  • Migrated 5 different environments – development, quality assurance, user assessment testing, production, and disaster recovery to a Bare Metal Kubernetes setup with Jenkins and ArgoCD
  • Simplified the process of pushing source code updates by creating a shared library for Jenkins Pipeline
  • Ensured parallel deployment of applications in production and disaster recovery environments
  • Leveraged Redis for scalable data caching and messaging for their applications
  • Leveraged Keycloak for SSO integration, Kubeaudit for CIS benchmark test of Kubernetes
  • Complete monitoring setup with Prometheus and Grafana
  • Leveraged Velero for a simplified and automated backup and recovery of critical banking applications on Kubernetes
  • Leveraged Istio to enhance security and meet compliance requirements for microservices management
  • Enabled secret management with Vault and Consul
  • Enabled better manageability of multiple microservices with code segregation
  • Created an automated pipeline for Kubernetes certificate management and managing all-around security-related events
  • Integrated WAF into the application’s load balancer

Final Outcomes
  • Seamless migration of over 150+ Microservices along with their dependencies

  • Streamlined software delivery by enabling a one-click setup of CI/CD pipelines for all applications

  • Reduction

    60% Reduction in Deployment time

  • Ensured Banking security compliance and CIS benchmark compliance

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