Cloud & DevSecOps Advisory

Our expertise is all you need to create a perfect Cloud &
DevSecOps roadmap.

Augment your existing DevSecOps maturity with our Advisory Services!

Audit & Maturity Assessment

We craft tailored architectural solutions that align with your business goals, infrastructure, and technology stack. Our top-notch AWS Consulting and other major cloud provider consulting services will assist you in the design, architecture, migration, and management of applications. We also help you leverage containerization technologies such as Docker, and Kubernetes, along with

  • Evaluating CI/CD pipeline efficiency
  • Assessing cloud governance policies
  • Reviewing security checks and controls
Audit and Maturity Assessment

Architectural Consulting

We take a personalized approach, crafting architectural solutions that align with your business goals, infrastructure and technology stack. We provide top-notch AWS Consulting services to assist customers design, architect, migrate and manage their applications on the AWS platform. We help you leverage containerization technologies & platforms such as Docker, Kubernetes and also,

  • Optimize build and release processes
  • Design roadmap for cloud migration
  • Assist in implementing security measures

Global HR tech company gets a complete DevSecOps maturity review

We helped a leading HR tech platform in their transformational journey for higher performance, faster release cycles and enhanced cost efficiency.

Toolset & Platform Evaluation

Make the right choices for your Cloud and DevSecOps initiatives with our expert toolset and platform evaluation services. While evaluating we consider factors such as scalability, flexibility, ease of integration, support for multiple programming languages, compliance & security features and cost-effectiveness. Our comprehensive report outlines,

  • Strengths & weaknesses of your DevSecOps platform
  • A detailed plan for integrating Cloud & DevSecOps tools
  • Security & compliance features of all tools & platforms
Toolset and platform Evaluation
Microservices Architecture Training

Microservices Architecture Training

Opstree’s Microservices architecture training covers all aspects of microservices, from fundamental concepts to implementation with modern tools and technologies. Our tech experts assist you in building microservice systems using the right architecture design patterns. With our Managed DevSecOps services,  we help you,

  • Design robust & modular microservices applications
  • Deploy microservices applications on the cloud
  • Establish effective and secure delivery pipelines

Empowering decision with experience

We will help you to choose the best business model with all the right tools and methodologies