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Make containerization & Kubernetes journey seamless from Day 1
with our managed Kubernetes services.

Build, deploy & manage Kubernetes workload applications seamlessly

Run & manage kubernetes at enterprise scale

Our comprehensive services ensure that your Kubernetes clusters & containers scale and remain highly available to adjust growing workloads and maintain service uptime. Our DevOps experts help you in the initial setup and provisioning of Kubernetes clusters. Additionally, we assist in proper configuration of cluster nodes, networking, storage and security policies, taking into account the compliance standards to help you,

  • Manage clusters across multi/hybrid clouds
  • Monitor the health of cluster components
  • Use auto-scaling for cost optimization
Run and manage kubernetes
Infrastructure as a code

Managed kubernetes designed for you

Our approach to Managed Kubernetes Delivery is aimed at making Kubernetes – Microservice Application ready! To make this happen, we launched BuildPiper- a DevSecOps & Microservices platform. With BuildPiper, we make Kubernetes Management highly intuitive, secure, simple and flexible for our users. The product enables DevOps & SRE teams to securely and seamlessly manage the,

  • Onboarding of an existing K8s cluster from any cloud
  • Setting up of a complete infrastructure and K8s cluster on AWS
  • Setting up of a Kubernetes cluster on-premise

How we enabled a leading bank in India to implement Kubernetes with Openshift on Azure

Our expert Kubernetes architects ensured best in class design and end -to-end automation for a 10X faster time to market.

Kubernetes insights & 360-degree cluster view

Get out-of-the-box cluster observability capabilities to monitor the complete performance, health status and availability of your cluster components. BuildPiper provides an observability and security tooling dashboard by leveraging a combination of our product functionalities along with some of the best industry tools such as Grafana, Prometheus, Vault, Consul, Alert Manager and more. With our Kubernetes and containerization services, teams can,

  • Manage external access to services in your cluster
  • View cluster components via K8s dashboard
  • Monitor how resources within a cluster are being used
Kubernetes insights
Infrastructure as a code

Drive business growth with Containerisation & Kubernetes

We make Containerisation & Kubernetes deliver value for you by drastically increasing developer productivity with spot instances, dynamic environments & seamless manageability.