Kubernetes & Containerisation -new

Make containerization & Kubernetes journey seamless from Day 1
with our managed Kubernetes services.

Build, deploy & manage Kubernetes workload applications seamlessly

Run & Manage Kubernetes enterprise at scale

Our Run and manage Kubernetes service is designed to provide comprehensive support for organizations looking to deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters on a large scale. Our experienced team of engineers can help you with the following set of actions and many more

  • Design and deploy highly available and resilient Kubernetes clusters with multiple nodes and replicas
  • Implement robust security measures to protect against unauthorized access
  • Implement monitoring and observability solutions to provide real-time insights into the health and performance of your Kubernetes clusters
Run and manage kubernetes
Infrastructure as a code

Managed Kubernetes, designed for you!

Our approach to Managed Kubernetes Delivery goes beyond the initial setup and ease of manageability. It is aimed at making Kubernetes – microservice application ready! We bring to you BuildPiper- a DevSecOps & Microservices platform. These are some of the services plus product-specific solutions

  • Fully managed Kubernetes clusters
  • 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Robust security measures

How we enabled a leading bank in India to implement Kubernetes with Openshift on Azure

Our expert Kubernetes architects ensured best in class design and end -to-end automation for a 10X faster time to market.

Kubernetes Insights & 360-degree cluster overview

With BuildPiper, visibility and anomaly detection across the Kubernetes clusters is reimagined to give you in-depth analysis in a few simple clicks. Get out-of-the-box cluster observability capabilities to view and monitor the

  • Complete performance
  • Health status
  • Availability, and functionality of your cluster components
Kubernetes insights
Infrastructure as a code

Drive business growth with Containerisation & Kubernetes

We make Containerisation & Kubernetes deliver value for you by drastically increasing developer productivity with spot instances, dynamic environments & seamless manageability.