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We believe in knowledge sharing & giving back to the community. As a result of that philosophy, we have never stopped our contributions to the world of Open-Source. Have a look at some of the most promising Open-Source utilities trusted by many great organizations.


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Join our diverse and highly motivated open source community. Find the best open source solution for your operating system, middleware, and cloud needs.

Redis Operator

A golang based redis operator that will make/oversee Redis standalone/cluster mode setup on top of Kubernetes.

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Logging Operator

A golang based operator to create and manage EFK (Elasticsearch, Fluentd, and Kibana) stack on Kubernetes

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A linter designed in golang for checking Dockerfile best practices

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K8s vault webhook

A k8s vault webhook is a Kubernetes webhook that can inject secrets into Kubernetes resources by connecting to multiple secret managers

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Druid exporter

A Golang-based exporter captures druid API-related metrics and receives druid-emitting HTTP JSON data.

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Dynamic pv scaler

A golang based Kubernetes application that can scale volume dynamically.

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“…Most people will say Kubernetes has its own API object to manage the secret. But is it enough to manage the secrets in Kubernetes?”

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