OpsTree Solutions The New Dawn In India’s DevSecOps Space

OpsTree Solutions The New Dawn In India’s DevSecOps Space

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With new market trends dominating the business, enterprises can be seen adopting state-of-the-art technologies to improve their ROIs and reduce costs. The enterprises shift to modern approaches like Digital Transformation, Cloud migration, Automation-first principles and trends led to the genesis of OpsTree, a highly specialised Cloud & DevSecOps engineering company.

OpsTree is a highly specialised DevSecOps engineering company and Technology Transformation Partners that specialise in making the application delivery lean, nimble and highly productive through its premier Cloud & DevOps offerings. It is a growing service provider for DevOps, DevSecOps, cloud migration & cloud-managed solutions that facilitates enterprises with cutting-edge DevOps practices to reduce costs while boosting their productivity and scale to enhance the customer experience for the digital products.

The Inception

Founded by tech-enthusiasts, Shankar Jha and Sandeep Rawat, the journey of OpsTree began way back in June 2014 and since then, the company has been focusing on solving complex problems that hinder every organization’s ability to deliver business value through new application functionalities.

Identifying the value of DevOps and Cloud for digital transformation in future, Shankar and Sandeep realized the need for the right skills in the market and took an initiative to solve the problem. Today, more than 100 startups, mid-size enterprises, and big behemoths rely on OpsTree to get the top-of-the-league DevOps capabilities and services to reduce effective costs and complexity while boosting their productivity.

The firm is a ‘Technology Transformation Partner’ that specializes in making the application delivery lean, nimble and highly productive through the best-in-class Cloud (Public, Private/Hybrid) & DevOpSecOps platform and solutions. Backed by the strong ethos of ‘Continuous Learning’ ,‘Unwavering Ethics’ & ‘Focused Thought Leadership’, OpsTress has established itself as the niche service provider for renowned brands like Airtel.

Challenges On The Way

The challenges have been usual around the availability of the right skills and talent – especially when the entire industry has a dearth of good engineering talent. OpsTree solved the problem by applying the philosophy of ‘Baking our own bread’ and started what is now known as the ‘DevOps Ninja’ program. With this, the company trains and develops a ‘Full Stack DevOps Engineer’ with hands-on knowledge and experience through a comprehensively and continuously evolving curriculum and hence brings in specific quality standards always to ensure client’s delight.

The Competition Landscape in India

OpsTree’s pioneered DevSecOps services help in solving problems that hinder organization’s ability to deliver business value through new application functionalities. Being a niche Cloud/DevOps engineering service provider, OpsTree has set high unparalleled standards that others might fail to surpass. The competition includes service providers that deliver services in a specific genre.

With strong technical capabilities and unmatched engineering excellence, OpsTree has been able to render avant-garde DevSecOps solutions to industry-leading enterprises that have gained huge recognition and appreciation by the industry experts and thought leaders. This has helped OpsTree build lasting relationships with marquee brands such as Freecharge, Swiggy, Noon Payments, Paytm Payments bank, Cheap-o-air(Fareportal), Optum, GlobalLogic amongst ~120 others, who consider Opstree to be their torchbearers of ‘DevOps Transformation’ Roadmap.

The OpsTree Tech Advantage

OpsTree has always continued to be innovative, experimental and continues to evolve based on its technology capabilities. One impressive outcome of the innovative thinking is the company’s Kubernetes & microservices app delivery platform – BuildPiper, that helps clients in reaping huge value on their Application & Infrastructure modernization initiatives in terms of significantly reduced total cost of ownership and ability to bring a change in system faster with its out-of-the-box functionalities, thus making it extremely simple to embrace and benefit from newer technologies like Kubernetes etc.

With BuildPiper, the company has re-imagined the delivery of Microservices-driven applications and brought more than 10X reduction in time & investments required to onboard & securely manage Kubernetes & microservices application setup and deployments. BuildPiper is a one-stop solution for the entire lifecycle of a containerized application; right from automated Infrastructure creation, cluster setup/onboarding & management to the environment set up, app configuration, to build and deployment, monitoring, logging & Security. Everything is available as a plug-and-play solution and is fully customizable.


Almost 7 years since its inception, the company has a league of startups, unicorns and many large global organizations who rely on OpsTree for any and all of their Cloud & DevSecOps led transformation initiatives. This ‘aggregate faith asset’ that the company has been able to build and continuously maintain across clients, is their biggest achievement that prompts other businesses to collaborate with OpsTree, rather than with other competitors.

OpsTree has been bestowed with awards and recognitions from several industry veterans like Top 10 Disruptive companies to Watch by Analytics Insight and many other such laurels, for its exceptionally strong DevOps transformation capabilities. However, the company sees its biggest achievement in the ‘Trust’ it has been able to instill from its customers since the inception.

Road Ahead

OpsTree gravitates its efforts and strategies in doing better every day, through constant evolution and overcoming its limitations – this also happens to be the company motto. With extreme focus on knowledge sharing with the community and enhancing skills they also run initiatives like publishing 100+ Open source utilities , constantly sharing deep dive technical blogs or even conducting free, hands-on technical workshops.

The company is thriving at a rapid pace and its pioneering services along with its unconventional product-BuildPiper, has gained huge acceptance and appreciation across global customers for empowering their Digital Transformation journey. The OpsTree team is competing with their own limits to deliver the best to clients and community.


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