OpsTree Solutions & OpsTree Labs has always focused extensively on delivering Cloud & DevSecOps-driven outcomes. The company achieves this by empowering product & engineering teams with best of breed Cloud & DevOpSecOps platform implementations that enable getting to market faster, more securely and with ability to maintain the platform much more efficiently.  OpsTree takes pride in being a boutique, highly specialized DevSecOps engineering company and Technology Transformation Partner that is expert in making the application delivery lean, agile and highly productive through the best in breed Cloud & DevSecOps platform and solutions.

It enables the delivery of Software-defined Infrastructure, with the right set of tools and processes, on a cloud-agnostic platform with the ability to run zero-touch, fully automated continuous delivery pipelines.

With BuildPiper, the company has re-imagined the delivery of microservices-driven applications and brought more than 10X reduction in time & investments required to onboard & securely manage Kubernetes & microservices application setup and deployments!

Standing out with Customer-Centric Approach

OpsTree Solutions’ Co-Founders, Sandeep and Shankar, share some rare complementary skill sets. They have always been true engineers at heart and have focused on how technology can be used to solve various problems during their entire careers. Together, they have built software products that have solved user problems. In the past, they’ve worked with some great enterprises like Xebia and GlobalLogic, Snapdeal, and Naggaro before realizing their calling is slightly different. Then they charted on an entrepreneurial journey for solving Cloud & DevSecOps related problems and today it has been more than six years since the establishment of OpsTree.

They have been constantly on the lookout for the pain points that customers of OpsTree face. With rapidly evolving technology, they realized that these problems are humongous! One such recent push is the OpsTree product – BuildPiper that completely simplifies the ‘microservices’ application journey for any organization. It’s a one-stop solution for the entire lifecycle of a containerized application – right from Infrastructure, cluster setup/onboarding & management to the environment set up, app configuration, to build and deployment, monitoring, logging & Security – everything is available as a plug-and-play solution and is fully customizable.

Shankar adds, “We’re seeing huge interest and acceptance from the market and are excited to empower our customers across the globe with exceptional Cloud & DevSecOps outcomes with our Micro services Application Delivery Platform – BuidPiper and our niche DevSecOps services. !”

Meet the Proactive Leader

Shankar Jha is the CEO of OpsTree Solutions. He strongly believes that as an entrepreneur, it is his biggest responsibility to create an ecosystem that generates exceptional value for all stakeholders. This includes customers, employees, partners, and others. He elaborates that this can happen if everybody in the team has that sense of ownership and faith. He also specifies that as a high-ranking leader in a company, an individual should be capable of generating that faith and ownership in all stakeholders.

According to Shankar, OpsTree is a shared ownership concept where every employee is a contributor and an owner. This is because employees have complete freedom to express and choose their growth path in the organization. He shares, “We have re-imagined the complete growth path of our people which can culminate into becoming an entrepreneur ultimately.”

Weaving Disruptive Technologies in Key Brand Offerings

At OpsTree, because of its strong ethos of ‘Continuous Learning’ ‘Unwavering Ethics’ & ‘Focused Thought Leadership, the company has been able to establish itself as the niche Cloud & DevSecOps engineering partner for 100+ companies across the spectrum – from startups turned unicorns (& decacorns) to enterprises!

In its continuous attempt to empower the industry, OpsTree has made 100+ open-source contributions to its clients. Because of its exceptional offerings, the company has earned huge appreciation from industry experts and thought leaders.

OpsTree is also bringing strong AI/ML-powered anomaly detection functionalities to its platform- BuildPiper, for organizations to work towards a highly robust & intuitive technology platform.

Bringing Cloud & MicroServices to Customers’ Driveway

OpsTree continues to be innovative and experimental while evolving its technology capabilities. One such outcome as noted earlier, is the Microservices app delivery platform – BuildPiper, which helps its customers reap huge value in terms of significantly reduced total cost of ownership with ability to bring a change in system extremely faster.

The company’s growth has always been proportional to the aggregate knowledge and ability acquired by its team. Shankar asserts that OpsTree is a knowledge, competency and innovation-driven organization. He also adds that OpsTree has been keen on acquiring exclusive and deep competence, and this ideology has fueled the growth of the organization, consistently over the years.

Overcoming the Challenges of Right Skilling

OpsTree has bootstrapped its way into a tremendously successful journey since 2014 and gradually built an organization centered on solving the problems that hinder every organization’s ability to deliver business value through new application functionalities. The key challenges have been usual around the availability of the right skills and talent – especially when the entire industry has a dearth of good engineering talent.

Shankar reveals that OpsTree is fixated on addressing such pain points by employing its ‘DevOps Ninja’ program. In this ‘Bake your Own Bread’ philosophy driven program, the company trains and develops a ‘Full Stack DevOps Engineer’ with hands-on knowledge and experience through a comprehensively and continuously evolving curriculum. This program’s objective is to ensure adherence of specific quality standards and deliver results that are above the customer expectations.

Invaluable Client Feedback as Insignia of Success

OpsTree has been bestowed with awards and recognitions from several industry veterans and leading groups like Top DevOps Solution Provider by CIO Review, for its strong delivery capabilities. However, the company sees its biggest achievement in the ‘Trust’ it has been able to instill from its customers since the inception.

Shankar affirms that “At present, completing almost six years, we have many people, startups, unicorns and many large global organizations who totally ‘Rely on Us’ for any and all of their Cloud & DevSecOps led transformation initiatives.  This ‘aggregate faith asset’ that we have been able to build and continuously maintain across our clients is our biggest achievement.”

Establishing Benchmarks for Future

For Shankar, one of the most relevant graphs is the ability of the company to retain its patrons, over the years. In an industry that is marred by a very high churn/attrition, OpsTree has been able to keep it under 10%, where the industry sees it as high as ~40%. Shankar interprets that the primary reason behind such a low attrition rate is OpsTree’s people-centric approach, which drives its commitments to its employees and clients. OpsTree also consistently doubled its revenue growth year on year, during the last five years.

OpsTree gravitates its efforts and strategies in doing better every day, through constant evolution and overcoming its limitations – this also happens to be the company motto. Shankar admits that following these two tenets of OpsTree’s motto has helped it flourish in challenging times. He concludes by saying, “We are competing with our own limits so the challenge is ever-existent and fun to overcome. Things are just getting started!”