Redefining Business
Reimagining Tomorrow

Growth Trajectory

Visionary Founders
Opstree 2014
Pioneered by Technologists Sandeep Rawat and Shankar Jha, driving innovation
Trusted Partners
Opstree 2016
Trusted partner for cloud solutions and DevsecOps, empowering over 20 startups in Delhi/NCR.
Empowering Excellence
Launched "Break Our Own Bread," our innovative talent development platform, fostering tech expertise and innovation.
Recognized By CIO Review
Recognised among “ 20 most promising DevOps solution providers by CIO review India.
Reliable Expansion
Opstree 2019
Bangalore expansion: Committing to reliable cloud services partnership, prioritizing reliability and excellence.
New Industry Partners
Opstree 2020
Established as a trusted partner for Apple, McKinsey, Xebia, and others, scaling to a 200+ strong SME team.
Productivity Unleashed
Opstree 2021
Launched our extensive application Delivery and Engineering productivity platform - Buildpiper.
EndTech Evolution
Opstree 2022
Introducing My Gurukulam: a pioneering EndTech venture redefining career development for the modern era.
Global Expansion
Opstree 2023
Strategically expanding in US, Hyderabad, and new markets with a focus on sustainable growth.
Unlocking Dubai
OpsTree expands to Dubai, initiating new opportunities in the
Middle East.

Our core values

We embody a culture of perpetual learning, driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and fueled by unwavering integrity

Knowledge propels growth

Recognizing that continuous learning and expertise are catalysts for progress and development.

Unwavering commitment to ethics

Upholding integrity, honesty, and transparency in all aspects of our operations.

Lead by Focus

Striving for innovation and credibility in the realm of devSecOps, ensuring that our promises are consistently delivered upon.

Striking the perfect chord between life and work.

With an unwavering focus on excellence, we go above and beyond to provide our team with outstanding benefits, while paving the path for their continued growth tomorrow.


Gratuity is a badge of honor, recognizing the dedication and loyalty of our employees and reinforcing our commitment to valuing and rewarding their contributions over the long term.

Performance Bonus

Performance bonuses are sparks of motivation, igniting a fire within our employees to strive for excellence and achieve their highest potential, driving success and innovation within our OpsTree.

Flexible Tax Benefits

Flexible tax benefits serve as financial compasses, guiding our employees towards smart and strategic decisions that maximize their earnings and enhance their financial security.

Flexible Working Hours

Think of flexible working hours as time capsules, allowing our employees to tailor their schedules to their unique lifestyles and priorities, promoting work-life harmony and personal fulfillment.

Parent's Gift

Parents' gifts are a token of gratitude, symbolizing our appreciation for the sacrifices our employees make to support their families and highlighting the importance we place on family values within OpsTree.

Progression Policy

Through our progressive policy, we offer structured advancement opportunities based on merit, fostering skill development and performance improvement.

Delightful Meal

Savour the convenience of complimentary meals, thoughtfully provided by OpsTree to ensure you're fueled and ready to tackle your day with gusto, fostering a culture of well-being and satisfaction in the workplace.

Soft Loan

Employee loans act as lifelines, providing our team members with the support they need during challenging times and helping them navigate financial hurdles with resilience and strength.


Contributions are seeds of financial security, sowing the foundation for our employees' future prosperity and ensuring that they can retire with dignity and peace of mind.

Health Insurance

Consider health insurance as a shield, safeguarding our team members against unforeseen challenges and allowing them to focus on their work without the burden of worrying about medical expenses.

Maternity/ Paternity Leave

View maternity and paternity leave as bridges that connect our employees' personal and professional lives, allowing them to navigate major life transitions with confidence and peace of mind.

Swasthya Nidhi

Swasthya Nidhi is not just a program; it's a safety net, offering our employees a sense of security and assurance that their health needs are taken care of, enabling them to bring their best selves to work every day.

Travel Reimbursement

View travel benefits as passports to new experiences and perspectives, enriching the lives of our employees and fostering a sense of curiosity, adventure, and global connectivity.

Biannual Offsites

Discover the enriching opportunities our company provides with biannual offsite retreats, fostering a culture of growth, collaboration, and well-being, where personal development and team cohesion flourish in an invigorating environment.


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