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Simplifying the Diverse Cloud !

Migration and Modernization

Whether it is simply deploying your monolith on cloud or modernizing existing applications before moving to AWS, we empower your every decision with data. Our cumulative experience gained across industries, partnering with different sizes of businesses has made us familiar with different industry standards and regulations. Building a fault-tolerant setup on cloud that scales your mission-critical applications without the fear of downtime.

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

A seamless user experience is a byproduct of a stable and flexible IT infrastructure. To scale securely and reliably, every unique business model begins with a well-optimized IT infrastructure, seamlessly blending public cloud, private cloud, and on-prem environments. With our deep industry knowledge with technology insights, we will help you craft a hybrid cloud that has the ease of single cloud management.

Cost Reduction

Making sure that you’re saving costs at every level of your cloud model. Assisting you in not just choosing the plain savings plans but going beyond. Digging deeper into your choice of services with recommendations that make you confident about every cent spent.

Security & Compliance

Building the shield that ensures the peace of your mind. No matter what industry you belong to, we take care of the architectural requirements vital for meeting industry standards and regulations. A defined and guided approach to implement least privilege, MFA, data encryption, and VPC isolation for robust AWS security. Comply with relevant compliance frameworks by conducting regular security assessments and defining data policies. Achieve a proactive remediation of security breaches with an incident response playbook.

Database Management

Even if the database is managed, the crucial elements still stay with us — schema design, query construction, and query optimization. Getting them right is critical to streamlining your workflow and user experience. If not taken care of, can lead to unnecessary storage costs, risk of data corruption, and service disruption.

Logging And Monitoring

Designing custom dashboards that give you insights into every aspect of your system performance. Configuring alerts that actually need your attention and offering proactive remediation through custom automated scripts. Develop strategies based on service ownership to distribute alerts to the right stakeholders for immediate action and reduced incidents.

Disaster Recovery Management

Tuning your application resilience with the right RPO and RTO is not the endgame. Introduce automated processes in testing the failover and failback process to free up your human and IT resources. A fail-proof environment that’s based on automated backup, one-click AWS service setup, and secure cross-region real-time replication of data.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

More network performance, Better price performance, and Greater energy efficiency are what you get with AWS HPC instances. Whether you're in research, engineering, or any industry requiring high-performance computing, we are here to optimize your workflows, enhance scalability, and drive innovation while ensuring cost-effectiveness. Let's collaborate to accelerate your HPC journey on AWS, with an efficient price-per-compute ratio for your intensive workloads, and get a step ahead with remarkable results.

Content Delivery

Leverage AWS's robust global network infrastructure and our deep expertise in content delivery strategies for fast and glitch-free streaming of media-rich content across geographies. Collaborate with us to reimagine your content delivery strategies to apply hyper-personalization at scale and with optimal latency performance.

DNS & Certificate Management

The domain management journey might commence with a business originator, yet IT has to take the reins for the majority of the subsequent 80% of the lifecycle. Conventional manual handling of domains, DNS, and SSL certificates can bring unconventional security threats to your enterprise. Reinvent your approach that builds trust, confidence, and peace of mind with change approvals, comprehensive audit trails, and real-time change alerts.

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