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All it took was 24 minutes for Adda247 to onboard a Microservice

About Customer

Adda247 is one of India’s largest edtech platforms catering to more than 40 million users in a year. The company houses multiple platforms such as the Adda247 mobile app, Adda247 Youtube channels,,,, and Career Power.
Hence, the ability to make changes faster & stable along with the ability to manage multiple technology components of the platform is extremely critical for them.

Problem Statement
  • Kubernetes Cluster Production Reliability issues

  • Managing Microservices deployments seamlessly

  • Ensuring seamless Autoscaling of the services

  • Lengthy & Time-consuming Automated Deployments

Solution Offered!
  • Create production-grade, fully secure, scalable, and managed Kubernetes cluster on aws EKS with optimized nodes through our product – BuildPiper
  • Onboard Microservices via custom Manifest UI
  • Deploy Microservices seamlessly via BuildPiper custom CI-CD pipelines
  • Setup Monitoring and Logging with Out of the box observability and integrated Open APM

Final Outcomes
  • Production Grade Managed Kubernetes Cluster setup in 60 minutes

  • Comprehensive Monitoring and Logging setup in 30 minutes

  • Within 24 minutes, all Microservices were onboarded

  • Macro-pipeline deployment setup was done within 15 minutes

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