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Empowering the Integrated Circuit Industry with Faster, more Accurate Insights

About Customer

It is a Fortune 200 company, whose clients are IC manufacturer companies. They’re focused on driving innovation in the semiconductor industry to develop cutting-edge technology that will shape the future.

Problem Statement
  • data analytics

    Required a cost-effective solution for scalable storage and big data analytics capabilities for end-to-end management of data.

  • quality

    Needed streamlining of IC quality control processes.

  • low latency

    Efficient handling of large amounts of data in a stable, low-latency, and secure manner was becoming a challenge.

  • predictive performance & analytics

    Support for seamless processing of data for predictive performance & analytics and management of resources.

  • fault detection

    Improving imaging techniques for better fault detection in the production line.

  • Data is constantly clicked from a vast Silicon Disk that requires ingestion, compilation, and analysis to generate structured visualization reports for use by Data Scientists.

Solution Offered!

Data Migration Flow
  • Extraction of data from Silicon Disks with IoT Central by using IOT central agents installed on each Silicon Disk location’s Windows machines.
  • Data storage and management via Synapse Data Warehouse and Azure Data Lake Storage.
  • Data processing, filtering, and analysis using ETL Pipelines.
  • Secure ETL streams were created using advanced Azure PaaS services.
  • Ensuring application security by providing user, device, and programmatic access while enabling authentication to other services. Using a secure virtual network tunnel to access all internal endpoints, and tracking every activity through audit logs and respective security alerting.
  • Enabled Azure Data Factory for seamless transition of data across various Azure cloud services and performed multiple operations on data. Also, supported easy migration of ETL workloads.
  • For security management, Azure Active Directory, Managed Identity (MI) was used to prevent key management processes, and Virtual Network (VNET) for isolation of data and endpoints was preferred.
  • Configured monitoring and alerts on ADF pipelines functionalities stages on the basis of various filters, supported with notifications via email, SMS, voice, and push notifications.
  • Integrated Power BI with Azure Synapse Analytics for generating and publishing reports.

Final Outcomes
  • No loss of data while transitioning and the data source remained available whether it was active or inactive

  • Simplified quality assessment at every stage of data transition.

  • Instant alerts for any faults or issues at any stage during the Data transition

  • Hundreds of terabytes of data are seamlessly ingested into the ETL system on a daily basis.

  • Gained real-time visibility and comprehensive monitoring at every step of the data journey – from source to analysis, filtration, and visualization.

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