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Making complex cloud technologies more accessible and manageable for businesses

Migration and Modernization

Whether it is simply deploying your monolith on cloud or modernizing existing applications before moving to AWS, we empower your every decision with data. Our cumulative experience gained across industries, partnering with different sizes of businesses has made us familiar with different industry standards and regulations. Building a fault-tolerant setup on cloud that scales your mission-critical applications without the fear of downtime.

Multi/Hybrid Cloud Deployment

A seamless user experience is a byproduct of a stable and flexible IT infrastructure. To scale securely and reliably, every unique business model begins with a well-optimized IT infrastructure, seamlessly blending public cloud, private cloud, and on-prem environments. With our deep industry knowledge with technology insights, we will help you craft a hybrid cloud that has the ease of single cloud management.

Kubernetes and Containerization

Picking the right strategy for running your containers is as important as choosing the right location for a new store. Our team of AWS Cloud experts takes care of setting up your infrastructure while simultaneously optimizing it for efficiency, scalability, and security. Empowering your business with the knowledge and practices needed to maximize your digital potential.

Cost Optimization

Making sure that you’re saving costs at every level of your cloud model. With specialized tools and economic models, we get hands-on in optimizing your operations. Assisting you in not just choosing the plain savings plans but working right from the architecture level. Digging deeper into your choice of services with recommendations that make you confident about every cent spent.

Security & Compliance

Building the shield that ensures the peace of your mind. No matter what industry you belong to, we take care of the architectural requirements vital for meeting industry standards and regulations. A defined and guided approach to implement least privilege, MFA, data encryption, and VPC isolation for robust AWS security. Achieve a proactive remediation of security breaches with an incident response playbook.

Database Management

Unleash data potential with streamlined database management. Let us handle the tech. You concentrate on your apps; we manage your cloud database. With our cumulative experience in dealing with varied use cases on cloud databases of business-critical applications, we ensure your database is always up and running.

Monitoring and Observability

Designing custom dashboards that give you insights into every aspect of your system performance. Configuring alerts that actually need your attention and offering proactive remediation through custom automated scripts. Develop strategies based on service ownership to distribute alerts to the right stakeholders for immediate action and reduced incidents.

Disaster Recovery Management

Tuning your application resilience with the right RPO and RTO is not the endgame. Introduce automated processes in testing the failover and failback process to free up your human and IT resources. A fail-proof environment that’s based on automated backup, one-click AWS service setup, and secure cross-region real-time replication of data.

Data Engineering

Bringing stability and reliability to your data pipeline through cutting-edge data architecture modernization. Enabling seamless data migration from on-premises to cloud, utilizing cloud data warehouse services. Implementing real-time analytics and DataOps for swift data pipeline deployment, ensuring your data journey is as agile as your business needs.

Video Streaming

Enabling seamless video streaming worldwide. Say goodbye to buffering; connect, engage, and share your content with audiences across diverse geographies. Effectively scale resources in real-time to ensure a glitch-free video experience for a large concurrent viewership. Simultaneously, continuously monitor infrastructure metrics for peak performance.

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An AWS Advanced Consulting partner has demonstrated experience in developing and deploying a wide range of AWS-based solutions, specifically tailored for diverse business needs and industries. We can help you navigate the complexities of AWS Cloud services to ensure that you are taking full advantage of the benefits of AWS Cloud for your unique use cases.
OpsTree holds an unparalleled experience in dealing with broad spectrum of education use cases. By leveraging our expertise in microservice modernization and Kubernetes adoption for a scalable and cost-effective engineering solution, tech teams have been empowered with faster time to market delivery. Achieve greater efficiency with OpsTree's 100+ utilities and accelerators consisting of robust monitoring tools, business visualizer, and cost optimization apps.