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An AI-powered content research and copywriting platform achieved a 70% reduction in CPU utilization.

About Customer

An US based AI-powered content research and copywriting platform that enables users to create blogs & other content by just typing in the relevant keywords.

Problem Statement
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    Due to the hosting of AI functionality tech infrastructure was incurring a huge cost.

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    APIs were going unresponsive/ time out during sudden surges in web traffic.

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    Migration from an existing tech stack to a new one for improving the overall performance was becoming a challenge due to a lack of expertise.

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    The production server runs at a CPU utilization of 100%.

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    Analytics dashboard was often facing database corruption whenever there was a huge volume of data to be processed.

  • Server Attack

    DOS & DDoS attacks on the server were creating huge hindrances in the manageability of the platform.

Solution Offered!
  • Created an entirely new platform architecture and set up the AWS Infrastructure.
  • Shifted from existing Amazon RDS to EC2.
  • Introduced master and slave servers in production.
  • VPN was implemented in the public server for removing malicious traffic.
  • Implemented an internet-facing load balancer for routing the traffic to backed Ec2 instances.
  • Introduced IPv6 for enhanced performance.
  • Implemented packer with ansible for deployments.
  • Slave parameters were tuned in the production for reducing the over-utilization of the CPU.
  • Created two server backups & failproof mechanism for ensuring database availability at all times.
  • Upgraded Redash to version 10.
  • Implemented sentry for error tracking.

Final Outcomes
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    An overall 50% cost optimization was achieved

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    Achieved more than an 80% reduction in malicious traffic

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    Established a well-defined analytics dashboard

  • A 70% reduction in CPU utilization of the production server was achieved

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    100% removal of DOS & DDOS attacks faced on the servers

  • aws migration

    Seamless migration from Amazon RDS to Amazon Ec2

  • failproof api

    Established a fail-proof mechanism for API calling.

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