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B2B Travel Tech Giant undergone a complete platform modernization within 6 weeks

About Customer

A b2b travel tech Giant headquartered in Delhi with a network of 50,000 travel agents and suppliers in over 100 countries. Its a hub for enabling the connectivity of travel agents with suppliers of travel products and services.

Problem Statement
  • Microservices Deployments

    Limited ability to scale due to the running of microservices on Amazon EC2 instances with Docker Swarm.

  • development lead time

    Faced inconsistency in platform performance.

  • security

    Application setup was having issues with security and non-adherence to compliance standards.

  • Manual processes caused delay in deployments which resulted in longer time-to-market and higher chances of errors.

Solution Offered!
  • Managed and provisioned AWS VPC and EKS using Terraform to enable a scalable infrastructure that ensures smooth performance during peak travel times.
  • Used shared libraries to streamline development by reusing code across multiple projects, leading to quicker development cycles.
  • Created a new IAM role for EKS via AWS IAM, to improve the overall security posture by managing the permissions and access controls.
  • To create a secure and scalable infrastructure, container images were pushed to AWS ECR, facilitating the migration of microservices to AWS EKS.
  • To proactively fix any potential issue that may hamper user experience, designed a custom monitoring solution with Prometheus, Alertmanager, and Grafana for the EKS cluster.
  • Used helm charts to deploy the monitoring solution and applications over EKS to ensure consistent deployments and configuration for preventing costly downtimes.
  • Leveraged Jenkins for the automation of deployments in EKS, and implemented AWS Backup Service for data loss prevention.
  • To minimize latency and deliver faster load time, AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) was implemented to ensure the high availability of microservices.
  • For improved platform performance and cost optimization, AWS S3 was used for storing and managing container images, application artefacts etc.
  • Implemented AWS RDS for a reliable and scalable managed database solution for ensuring smooth performance even at sudden traffic surges.
  • Installed Karpenter as an autoscaling solution for Kubernetes to optimize resource utilization, consequently reducing the overall platform operational cost.

Final Outcomes
  • Completed the entire platform modernization setup in under 6 weeks.

  • The platform delivered consistent performance even during periods of traffic surges.

  • A 10x velocity improvement in time to market.

  • Reduced overall platform operational cost by 2x.

  • Centralized visibility of the application was achieved with a custom monitoring solution.

  • Enhanced the overall security, compliance and observability of the platform.

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