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Delivering Reliable Deployments at scale along with 70-80% cost savings

About Customer

Dubai-based online e-commerce giant with multiple platforms and marketplaces, the client offers a complete stack for all e-commerce related payment needs across channels. The product suite includes Payment Gateway, Payment Links, EMIs, & Subscriptions.

Problem Statement
  • Needed expert

    Needed expert guidance to execute the entire infrastructure migration from Azure stack to GCP.

  • development lead time

    Increasing development lead time due to developers not having self-serving capabilities.

  • Cloud Cost

    Due to high compute-intensive works like real-time data processing etc, Azure data centers were incurring a huge cost.

  • IaC

    Defining IaC best practices for complex IT environments with various interconnected systems and services, to handle dependencies and ensure consistent deployments.

  • development lead time

    Standardizing workflows and processes like security posture, compliance, and managing deployments across multiple clouds were becoming complex.

Solution Offered!
  • Created a streamlined process flow and migrated the infrastructure from Azure stack to GCP with zero downtime.
  • Implemented Terraform scripts to automate the provisioning and management of infrastructure in GCP, resulting in faster time-to-market.
  • Implemented Platform Engineering to make hassle-free infrastructure deployment for developers.
  • Developed an automated pipeline enabling single-click deployment to implement the blue-green strategy for reducing downtime during updates and enhancing overall system reliability.
  • Deployed fully managed Azure ARC SQL as a service to host applications to manage cross-cloud dependencies, ensuring data consistency, security, and optimized performance.
  • For modernizing and future-proofing the platform, upgraded AzureRM -based pipeline and PowerShell script to new AZ modules with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.
  • Created single architecture CI/CD process to manage environment-specific configurations and ensure consistency in deployment processes for all the microservices across QA-Testing, Staging, and Production in both Azure and GCP

Final Outcomes
  • cost savings

    An overall 70 – 80% cost savings was achieved in terms of the operational cost from the data centers.

  • Automated rollback

    Automated rollback mechanism with zero disruption on ongoing service. Created a reliable experience for the customers.

  • development lead time

    Migrated the entire infrastructure from Azure stack to GCP in just 2 months with Zero downtime.

  • AzureRM-based

    Within 15 days AzureRM-based pipeline and PowerShell were upgraded to AZ modules.

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