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Leading Bank in India was able to achieve a 100% reduction in cloud cost

About Customer

One of India’s leading Bank, which is headquartered in Mumbai. The bank offers commercial, transactional and electronic banking products and services.

Problem Statement
  • Opstree

    Millions of transaction happening in a month and managing those with various banking services, hence reliability of the services was becoming a big challenge

  • Opstree

    For maintaining the Privacy and Confidentiality of data, technical Infrastructure needed to adhere to various Compliance Policies.

  • Opstree

    A robust platform needed for automatically deploying the modernized microservices applications for managing critical banking applications.

Solution Offered!
  • Implemented Azure Red Hat Openshift
  • Rolling deployment strategy used in SIT and Dev environment to enhance the deployment velocity with No Downtime while updating or releasing the new feature
  • Implemented Lightweight communication model
  • Facilitates A/B testing and canary deployment of services
  • Implemented Automated Dynamic azure Environments with cost optimization
  • Leverage Terraform for Cost reduction by removing manual components of the infrastructure provisioning process
  • Used sidecar proxy model to capture metrics such as the Golden Signals (latency, traffic, error rates & saturation).
  • Leveraged client side load balancing technique to reduce load on other Kubernetes components such as Core DNS and KubeRouter
  • Used Kiali to create a network topology showing inter-service dependency & network health.
  • Delivered state of the art application logging using FluentD ,Kiali, ElasticSearch & Kibana

Final Outcomes
  • Opstree

    Upto 100% Reduced Cost in terms of the Cloud Deployment of modern cloud native applications

  • Opstree

    Delivered Seamless CI/CD management and Fault Tolerance

  • Opstree

    New security approach with 24/7 security monitoring equipment, and quarterly audits

  • Opstree

    Seamless scaling of infrastructure delivered with red hat openshift

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