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Product Launch with Cloud Migration, Modernisation & Application Delivery in under 4 weeks!

About Customer

India’s leading HRMS and Payroll management platform with a 20,000+ customer base and 2,000,000 active users.

Problem Statement
  • Application Modernisation & Migration from GCP to new Jio (Azure) Cloud Setup within crunched Timelines of 4 weeks.

  • Needed comprehensive Kubernetes implementation for infrastructure, CI/CD process, tooling, monitoring, and security for 60+ microservices, Middleware & DB on Jio (Azure) Cloud.

  • Needed to manage large amounts of data in Loki with extensive Tracing capabilities.

  • Insights

    Limited Insights and observability in the existing system for system performance, engineering maturity & reliability.

  • A solution to store secrets that can easily be integrated with AKS for ensuring compliance and minimizing risk.

  • Latest version of K8s was required and all helm charts needed to be updated accordingly.

Solution Offered!
  • For faster time to market with security & best practices, experts at OpsTree designed & implemented BuildPiper led Modernisation & Migration journey that included:

    – Setting up the infrastructure as code (IAC) in Git, backed by Terraform modules, helm charts, and k8s manifests for rolling out new features.

    – Automated Environment creation, secure build & delivery pipelines using Buildpiper for all the services, thus freeing developer time spent on     repetitive tasks.

    – Onboarded and configured 62 Microservices using BuildPiper BPCTL, a command-line utility. Thus, enabling users to spawn new environments    within minutes.

    Upgraded Loki setup with custom labels for enhancing log visualization.

    – Integrated a comprehensive monitoring solution using Grafana, Prometheus, and Alert Manager along with custom business-level    dashboards.

    – Integrated Opentelemtry with microservices and pushed tracing logs to Jaeger for streamlined tracking of API execution flow across multiple    microservices. Thus, offering a detailed overview of business-critical user journeys.

  • Configured an automated backup solution on Managed and self-hosted Postgresql along with retention policies for minimizing the risk of losing critical data.
  • Set up a Site-to-site VPN between Azure and client OnPrem providing an additional layer of security on top of their existing WAF rules.
  • Secrets management for services implemented using Azure Key Vault as an encrypted secrets store which not only provided seamless integration but also complied with customer privacy regulations.

Final Outcomes
  • 5X Faster Time to Market: Successfully delivered Product Launch on Jio Azure Cloud with fully Automated setup, managed through BuildPiper!

  • 3X Lower Cost: Overall project cost was brought down to one-third with BuildPiper along with automated, integrated ecosystem solutions for logging etc.

  • 20X Reduction in Deployment Time: Environment Creation & Service Onboarding time brought to minutes and available On-Demand now, instead of weeks/months

  • Custom Dashboards: Monitoring enhancements facilitated custom dashboards which provided critical business insights for the management.

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