Containerisation with Open Source

Open Source Tools for Containerization


Containerisation with Open-Source

Today modern engineering teams are increasingly expanding the use of containers. Explore our open-source tools that aid in simplifying the complexities of containers.
Dynamic Pv Scaler

Redis Operator

A golang based redis operator which will make/oversee Redis setup on K8s.

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Dynamic PV Scaler

A golang based K8s application which overcomes the scaling issue of PVC in K8s.

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Redis Docker

A production based Redis and Redis Exporter docker image

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Docker Compose ELK

A compose setup for ELK (Elasticsearch, Logtsash and Kibana)

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Wrapper utility over restic for backup/restore

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MySQL Backup

Backup utility written on top of Restic for MySQL Backup/restore

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Helm Charts

A repository which that will contain helm charts with best and security practices

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Fasten Docker Build

A project showcasing how you can fasten docker build from 3 minute to 4 second

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Spinnaker Study

Simple Quarkus Microservice for CI/CD Demo

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Postgresql Backup

Docker wrapper written on top of Restic to manage PostgreSQL backup/restore

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K8s Secret Injector

K8s Secret Injector is a tool that can connect with multiple secret managers...

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k8s vault

K8s Vault Webhook

A k8s vault webhook is a Kubernetes webhook that can inject secrets into Kubernetes resources...

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Docker image to run terraform

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Mongodb Operator

A golang based operator to create and manage MongoDB standalone setup and cluster setup

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K8s Utils Image

K8s Utils for various useful Kubernetes utilities

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Logging Operator

A golang based operator to create and manage EFK (Elasticsearch, Fluentd, and Kibana) stack...

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