Terraform CI/CD with Azure DevOps using Best Practices

3rd June 2023 , 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Online


Terraform has started to become an integral part of DevOps for the infrastructure setup. Looking at it’s importance and demand in today’s scenario we have to make sure that we are running terraform code with best practices while using it with various orchestration tools like Azure DevOps. In this session we will be discussing about CICD, Terraform, Why CICD is needed for Terraform and How exactly we can acheive it using Azure DevOps.

What you will learn from this workshop

  • Understand how to create an YAML based pipeline in Azure DevOps
  • Understand the basic concepts and best practices of Terraform
  • Learn the security tools for Terraform
  • Understand the end-to-end process for Terraform CI/CD

Meet the speakers

  • Mehul Sharma
    Mehul Sharma
    Sr DevOps consultant, OpsTree Solutions
  • Kuldeep Singh
    Kuldeep Singh
    DevOps Engineer, OpsTree Solutions
  • Himanshu Mudgal
    Himanshu Mudgal
    DevOps Engineer, OpsTree Solutions

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