Maximize Education Outcomes on  aws

Augment learning experience with the scale, flexibility, and
power of AWS Cloud.

As the needs of your learners multiply, we can simplify the management of your growing infrastructure.

100% Reduction In Time To Production Was Achieved By Wheebox

How we empowered an AI-Powered Online Talent Assessment Platforms to achieve desired scale & performance with BuildPiper.

All It Took Was 24 Minutes For Adda247 To Onboard A Microservice

See how we enabled a leading Edtech platform on efficient scaling & managing of microservices at lightning speed.

ExtraMarks Got 10x Faster To Market With Their New Product Releases

A complete application & infrastructure modernization that resulted in Faster product release & impressive cost savings.

AWS Cloud for EdTech

Cloud Technology in Education has enabled opportunities for collaborative, flexible, and innovative learning for improved outcomes.


AWS can help EdTech companies

  • Scale their infrastructure
  • Optimize their performance
  • Enable engineering teams to focus on core business needs
  • Improve student outcomes with personalized learning and
    adaptive assessments
  • Get worldwide accessibility to your solutions with AWS multi-geographic availability zones
AWS Cloud For Edtech

Transform your AWS Cloud outcomes with OpsTree

We’ve tailored secure technology solutions with the utmost focus on delivering outcomes with cost efficiency.

Increased Agility

Streamlined workflows - More time for Innovation Lesser time for toil.

Reduced Outages

Ensure zero unplanned outages with robust maintenance and monitoring program.

Reduce IT Costs

Economize spends without compromising performance. Right-size infrastructure and retire unused assets.

Maximize Security

Stay compliant with the latest educational regulations and standards.

Improved Innovation

Achieve the flexibility to scale on demand without worrying about the complexities of cloud.

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An AWS Edtech Consulting partner has demonstrated experience in developing and deploying a wide range of AWS-based solutions specifically for the EdTech industry. We can help you navigate the complexities of AWS Cloud services to ensure that you are taking full advantage of the benefits of AWS Cloud for EdTech.

OpsTree holds an unparalleled experience in dealing with broad spectrum of education use cases. By leveraging our expertise in microservice modernization and Kubernetes adoption for a scalable and cost-effective engineering solution, tech teams have been empowered with faster time to market delivery. Achieve greater efficiency with OpsTree's 100+ utilities and accelerators consisting of robust monitoring tools, business visualizer, and cost optimization apps.